What Create Your Life Story is About

Everyone has an Amazing Story!

But how do we get to hear these stories and how many amazing stories have we missed that are now lost forever.

That is my motivation behind this site.

How often have you heard “I wish I had have recorded my _____ before they passed away, alas it’s now too late.”

Ian Recording

I, like a lot of people love talking to others about their life. I also know people who wish they had managed to ask and capture stories from the people in their life who are no longer around.

This site is to help you to capture some of those stories and reap the same benefits that I’ve had the good fortune to discover.


The skills I learnt in producing Your Story I’m sharing with you here on Create Your Life Story, so you can easily produce your own Audio Oral History using all the wonderful and relatively easy systems at our disposal in this new digital age.

Information shared with the world can be discovered and live on.

It’s not possible for me to record everyone who wants their Life Story recorded but here I can show you, how to record, edit and publish a Life Story of either yourself or someone you know.

Record or Write, Your or My Life Story Biography

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To help you to record, edit and publish is my goal.

I’m excited for you in discovering this site, I hope that I can serve your needs and enable you to gain the knowledge to achieve your own Life Story project. The rewards to you and others will amaze you.

If you haven’t already signed up at the top of the page for the Free e-Book Recording Life Stories do so now, this is a twenty six page book to give you a general overview in how to record Your Life Story. These are the techniques that I use to produce the content that I’ve been generating for years.

Additionally I have a continuing programme of posts, podcasts and video in production to assist you with new information as it develops. In time I intend to develop a community of interested people who can assist and advise on many of things regarding the process of producing a Life Story.

As I write this I know that it is early days in the development of Create Your Life Story. I have a lot to do and I look forward to helping you develop your project. Please contact me, I’m always open for a chat 🙂



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