The Best Time to Create Your Life Story

Now is the time to start!

Hello and welcome to Create Your Life Story.

Let me guess? You’re here is to find out more about how to capture the memories of someone you know or yourself or maybe you have the idea to write a memoir or to capture the sounds of their voice. Maybe you want to leave something of yourself for others after you’ve gone or it could just be you want to capture your daily experiences before they fade with time.

Berlin Rooftops

Ian Recording on the Berlin Rooftops

Here at Create Your Life Story…

For two years Ian Kath produced a regular podcast series, available to listen and download here on the site or to automatically get from iTunes onto your iPod or similar. Ian also produced additional video content to help explain some of the more visual aspects of what you’re after.

Create Your Life Story has the very best content in one place to help you produce the best memory of any life story in a variety of systems.

Welcome and enjoy looking around.

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