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In case you’re wondering a little about me.

G’Day, I’d like to introduce myself. I’m Ian Kath and this is my site. As you can see in the About page this site is to help you gain the knowledge you need to produce a Life Story project. The reason I’m wanting to share this information is because I’ve realised the great benefits to be gained for everyone involved in a Life Story project and because I’ve had to learn from scratch how to do it myself.

If you would like to listen to me mention my past and the purpose of this site go to listen to Episode One and click on the player.

Ian Kath

In 2006 I discovered podcasts and that we can listen on demand to audio that we choose. What I also discovered was that there were people like me producing this content, and some of it was as good as any radio show you have ever heard. This made me think, “what if I produced a podcast and what would it be about?”

After a few months of contemplation I realised that the one thing that I love to do is to sit and chat with other people about their lives, not mine – I know that but their life and I wonder what interesting stories I might discover. I could then record those conversations and publish them as a podcast.

Little did I realise just how challenging that was to prove to be. It’s not that it’s particularly difficult it’s just this was the relatively early days of podcasting and the information was limited for my low knowledge base.

A bit of background – I’m not a computer geek. I didn’t know almost anything about computers and online publishing. I’m a tradesman(patternmaker) working in workshops all my life with my hands. Sitting and working on a computer was a foreign concept to me. In the previous 10 years prior to 2006 I had sent about 10 emails, one per year. It was ALL new to me, EVERYTHING!

At the time I decided that some things come along in life that just have to be grabbed with both hands and this was important enough to me to pursue so I dedicate myself to the task of learning all that I could to produce a podcast about people’s lives and Your Story which I launched in 2007 is the end result of all my learning.

The evolution of longer form personal Life Stories is a natural progression from the podcast and the reason for this site.

I know from personal expereince that as I came from such a low base knowledge, if I can produce a Life Story(and friends did doubt me), others should be able to do the same also. I remember very clearly the frustrations and confusion of learning all this new technology. I have taken the time to learn and understand but I don’t forget what it was like not to know. I am in the perfect situation to explain what is important, what is not and how to deal with the things that will move you forward.

This is a grand adventure for me and I look forward to connecting with you. Please feel free to contact me in which ever way suits you and I hope together we can make some amazing Life Stories come alive for others to also hear.

Best of Days


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