Welcome Twitter Friends

Thanks for Dropping by and Friending Me on Twitter.

Chances are that if you happened to be swinging past this page you may well have clicked on the link in my twitter page information.  Send me an @iankath and say hello and that you have been here, that way I’ll know you’re real and not a bot/spammer/marketer.  If you have come here some other way why not friend me now on twitter and the twitter account for Create Your Life Story.

There is already quite a bit of information to fill you in on Create Your Life Story here about me and what this site is on the about page.

As for twitter I first signed up in August 2007 and I’ve slowly organically grown my follower/friends by connecting with people.  I feel that the greatest thing about twitter is that we can actually have genuine relationships on and off line.  Sadly it’s just not possible to stay connected with the greater numbers that are constantly coming on board all the time.  It was much more of a community back in the early days of twitter, more akin to living in a village rather than the huge metropolis that it has now grown into.

Just as in a city we can still have relationships but it does require attention and maintenance.  If you want to be sure to get me send an @iankath and if you wish a private chat send a d iankath. Both systems are sure to get to my attention and I’ll reply as appropriate.  Other contact information is on the contact page.

If you want to see more information I have another podcast where it all started at Your Story where I have mentioned my original and still current motivations for everything you see here and my personal blog where I ramble on about things that don’t fit into these other places.

Fortunately I have one of those names that means that if you search me you can’t help but find me all over the place but if you care that much you are either a stalker or you need to go find something better to do.  Most of the interesting stuff is on Your Story or Create Your Life Story because at the end of the day it’s about you dear Reader/Listener and Your Story that I care about.

Say hello and let’s have a chat, I’m sure you have an interesting story.

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