What have we Learnt from Creating a Life Story

What are your stories? How can you help Create Your Life Story and share what you know with others so they can share their stories as audio, video or written biographies.

A Life Story is about experiences – Nothing else

Your Life is Experiences. “History is one damn thing after another” – Winston Churchill. The life of everyone is a continuous stream of experiences. Some exciting, some dull and many simply mundane. For the greater community it’s the exciting experiences that capture us. These events take us to new places and show us new ways […]

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Life Story Presentation for Seniors

http://media.blubrry.com/createyourlifestory/p/createyourlifestory.com/MP3/miss/U3A1.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 17:12 — )Subscribe: Android | RSSIntroduction to Create Your Life Story at Tamborine Mt U3A. The University of the Third Age is an international organisation of individual chapters where seniors can share their lifetime of knowledge with each other about anything of their choosing. It’s all about […]

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Episode 22 : How Do Others Perceive Your Story

http://media.blubrry.com/createyourlifestory/p/createyourlifestory.com/MP3/2010/CYLS22.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 25:54 — 24.0MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSYour life means something to me, can I record you? Click to share on Twitter The way we perceive ourselves and others has a huge affect on what can come from producing a Life Story. It will be reflected in everything from […]

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Record a Life Stories before it Fades

Today is the best day to record a Life Story I often say that today is the best day to record a life story but could it already be too late to record this biography even when they are still here? When I started my other podcast Your Story I had an initial list of […]

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Sharing Your Life – Unlike Your Grandparents

Imagine Discovering your Grandparents Life. [flattr /] Imagine finding a neglected box of old 78 rpm records covered in dust sitting in the attic.  Imagine wiping them off and placing them on a gramophone.  Then as you play those records you hear your grandparents voice speaking to you, across the decades, telling you of their […]

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A Life Story Appreciated in Many Ways

The great joy of producing a Life Story is the unexpected and wonderful moments that are created for others.  Here is a guest post from Jane about the experience of producing the content for her father’s Life Story and the wonderful effects that it has had for her family – Ian We go through various […]

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Share this Great Idea with Others

When  I mention the idea of Create Your Life Story to people they immediately think it’s a great idea. The issue is that despite having a good idea and producing great valuable content, if no one knows about it, no good can come of it for anyone. Those interested are: People who would like to […]

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I’m Gutted – What Happens when You Wait too Long

The other day I received a message on Facebook from a friend who listens to Your Story and this Podcast.  I didn’t even know Tony was listening to the show but he has since mentioned that it was the motivation for him to get on with recording his Dad’s life story.  Something that he had […]

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