Digital Technology to Capture and Publish Your Life Story

Utilising digital technologies to record, edit and publish audio, video and text life stories we are now able to share our memories with family and the world as our biography of our history

Samson Zoom H1 the Perfect Personal Recorder

Back in Episode 5 we were talking about different audio recorders and ways of capturing audio to export to your editing software.  Since then Samson has released a new product to extend it’s range of audio recorders to include what I think is a perfect portable audio recorder for our needs. Previously Samson have produced […]

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A Trillion Hours, What Are We Doing with Them?

Today while listening to the BBC Digital Planet interview with Clay Shirky I realised something that is about what we are doing here. Clay Shirky in his book Cognitive Surplus: Creativity and Generosity in a Connected Age states that there is globally one trillion hours of spare time per year that in the past was […]

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First iPhone 4 Movie Shows What is Possible.

I’ve mentioned several times that it’s due to the wonderful digital technology that has evolved in the last few years that we are now able to create quality audio recording of our lives.  Just a couple of podcast episodes ago I mentioned that the very technology for you to record an audio Life Story could […]

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Episode 5 : Audio Recorders – What You Need to Record a Life Story Play in new window | Download (25.1MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSThe recorder you need you may already have and others that you don’t know of. Click to share on Twitter This Episode 5 of Create Your Life Story will help you realise what you need to record a life story and the equipment that is open to you […]

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