Photos of the Past to Enhance Your Life Story

The photographs of our past show how we lived our Life Story and enhance or personal biographies. Let’s use them to explain how we lived our lives

Your images will be look on with wonder one day

Tweet Capture today to surprise people tomorrow. Like Ninety-six-year-old Rebecca Lepkoff who’s been taking pictures of one New York neighborhood her entire life you too have images that you’ve been capturing that will one day be looked on in wonder. As you watch this video realise that future generations will see what we’re all creating […]

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Sometimes we have the only ‘One’ Left in the world.

Tweet Are you throwing out history? You’ve heard the story, haven’t you…? You know the one. The story of someone going to a garage sale or similar and buying some old painting only to discover it’s a Boldini or whatever that’s eventually sold for €2.1 Million. Do you have something in your life that could […]

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Digitally Saving on a Grand Scale

Tweet Saving the physical world around us. With personal stories we can record a voice or maybe some video. We can scan the photos or create images of the more tangible things in life but how do you remember something that is big. Like a house or a pyramid or Mount Rushmore? Here is another […]

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Episode 59 : Smash and Mash Your Life Story Play in new window | Download (Duration: 44:33 — 41.1MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSTweet Make your Life Story more than the sum of the parts Once you start digging into it, your live can seem like an archaeological expedition. There are just so many things that you can start to bring to surface to help […]

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Ghosts of the Past are Here

Tweet Use the images of the past and put them in modern context. With nearly a hundred years of popular photography and photojournalism we now have some amazing historical images from the past that we can compare with today. And I’ve recently found this photo manipulation method of explaining how things have changed over the […]

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1000’s of Images but What is Vivian Maier Story?

Tweet Vivian Maier, Street Photographer and Nanny Scratching around amongst people’s cast off junk at an auction house in 2007, John Maloof, a real estate agent in Chicago, discovered the boxes of unloved negatives repossessed  from a storage unit. His initial stash of  negatives from the life of Vivian Maier, that he paid $400 for, […]

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Your Life Story Linked to Your Site on a Personal Card

Tweet Memories of Your Life Story to lead to the Web Address! Have you thought of using of a Life Story card as the way of sharing your Life Story site. Your name, phone number and web address is all that is needed on the contact side of the card and the back can have […]

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Imagine Your Grandmother

Tweet The Old, Young and in Colour In watching this Kodak Kodachrome Film Test from 1922 I couldn’t hep but reflect on all these beautiful women youthful and in natural colour in ways that we are not used to seeing people from the ’20’s. What if one of these gorgeous young things was your Grandmother? […]

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A Picture Needs a Thousand Words

Tweet You’ve heard the saying “A picture says a thousand words”.  That however is only when you know about the image within context. This image to the left is a ? (the answer is at the bottom of this post) Without context it could be one of many things.  That’s the very reason we have […]

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