5 Ways to Listen Better

by Ian

in Conversation, Interview

Your number 1 skill to hone – Listening!

Sitting and recording someone’s Life Story in a directed conversation has never been an interrogation, that’s more akin to an interview where you question and collect data. To really get to know someone and to connect, the most important thing, is to Listen.

Listening is where it starts, listening is where all the information derives from and listening is how you connect to the others. But are we forgetting how to listen. Here is a great talk from TED by Julian Treasure about listening. Toward the end he give us the take home tip (particularly for school) on how to conduct the perfect directed conversation – RASA.

Follow Julian’s RASA strategy and you have the method for the cycle within all great conversations.

A better world would if we listened better

Without digging too deep just consider for a moment how much better the world would be if only we all learnt to listen better. Julian suggests to it only briefly at the 3:45 but listening, I’ve found is the most profound way to learn, understand and connect with others. And after all that’s what creating a Life Story is all about.

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