70 Year Journey Back in Time

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Your own personal Time Machine

Imagine for a moment stepping through a door, back in time to the dark days of WWII. What would you see if you could travel in that time machine? How many little things would be the same and how many would have changed?

Parisian Flat

What stories could be told?

Recently a woman who owned a flat near the Trinité Church in Paris died, at the age of 91. She had left it just before WWII, never to return!

When experts were asked to track down her possessions they discovered what was like stumbling into the castle of Sleeping Beauty, where time had stood still. And time had ceased to continue in this dust and cob web filled home until just recently.

Sometimes we find treasure

Amongst the artifacts of a Micky Mouse toy and a stuffed ostrich was an undiscovered painting by Boldini, which eventually sold for €2.1 million. The full story is in The Telegraph.

What’s in Your Parisian Time Machine Flat?

We don’t often think about the stories that can be told from the things of our life. We take them for granted because they’re always around us but if we were to step away for, say 70 years, what would we think of those items then? What memories would they conjur up for us?

You may not be able to uncover a cache of storytelling treasures like this one, Parisian Flat but tucked away in boxes, is your brick-a brac, that tell stories from you life and times and even if you don’t have the items now. What do you remember from then, many years ago.

  • What were the toys you had as a child?
  • What clothes did you wear?
  • What were the family things that made your life functional?

All these things are now only seen in a museums or antique stores but what if you had your own Parisian Flat to journey back in time. What things would you rediscover that prompt you into the stories of your life?

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Thanks for the compliments Elisabeth


I found your blog recommended in this weeks genealogy newsletter.
I particularly liked this story, because I would have loved to be there to uncover some of the history and the treasures of that place. It also shows us, to share our knowledge and history with those around us. Great writing,

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