Take Your Body on a Storytelling Journey

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Use a theme to find amazing stories from your life.

Story of McDonalds

My Sense of Humour and Irony

We are all many things but we tend to bunch them all together to say who we are. Our language however show us that we think of each of these things as aspects, different from who the core Us is. We say we are the one using my body, my intelligence, or my curiosity, my the list goes on.

It’s the my part that signifies that we see each of these aspects of ourselves as being separate while still being part of who we are.

We can use this as a mechanism to consider ourselves and explore parts of our lives in a far more interesting way.

Aspects of who you are

Think of – my body,  my curiosity, my intelligence, my mind, my spirit, my consciousness, my personality, my humour, my family, my history, my adventures, my loves, my interests, my hobbies, my ancestry, my interests, my career, etc, etc, etc…

With each these topics, by simply putting my in front of it and thinking of the situations, the stories that best tell of that theme seem to appear out of your history.

In my case I could take the theme of My Body and look at the times where my body was an important aspects of some significant experiences. For example throwing my body out of aeroplanes during my skydiving days or using my body to run marathons when I was 25 or feeling my body fail when I badly sprained my ankle chasing my daughter around a playground.

Using a theme allows you to find the more interesting topics using that theme as the pivot to base your stories around.

What were you loves?

Try it for yourself. Pick one theme from the list above, or as an example, Loves. Can you think of all the different situations where My Loves would help you remember an interesting story.
I bet you can 🙂 Now you only have to decide if you wish to share those stories.

What does this bring up for you? Let us know in the comments below?


I could easily talk about how nervous I was as a 16 year old at the thought of asking a girl out on a date when I was at school.
I agonized for 3 weeks eventually asking in an awkward way at lunch before the evening of the event to get an instant happy response. I never had to worry as it turned out and she became my first girl friend.

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