The Best StoryTelling Secerts

by Ian

in Storytelling

Storytelling is an art for sharing your Life

Master storytellers know what to do and how to tell a story. Some from an instinctive place within them and others from an understanding of the rules. If they know the rules they can share them with us.

Here is master storyteller of Andrew Stanton sharing with us what he knows of the craft of great storytelling.

His main points again for good storytelling are…

  • We all want affirmations that our stories care.
  • Frankly there isn’t anyone you couldn’t learn to love once you’ve heard their story.
  • Make me care.
  • The start should have a promise of what’s to come
  • Give them problems to solve
  • Find the core theme of the individual
  • Drama is uncertainty mingled with uncertainty
  • A strong theme is always running through a well told story
  • Invoke wonder
  • Use what you know and draw from it
  • Capture a truth from your own life

Take a moment to remember the great stories you’ve heard. I’m sure many of these points are made within them.

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