Interviewing as if they were Your Lover

by Ian

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Hanging on every word…

Remember when you first meet that special person? When everything was bliss and you couldn’t bare to be apart? It didn’t matter what you did, as long as you were together, talking, laughing and loving each other. You would talk for hours wouldn’t you? And listen so intently, hanging on every spoken word and every shared story. Do you remember? Of course you do!

Let's Talk About Sex

You care about every word.

It’s about caring for another.

You need to be “in love” with whoever you’re recording. You need to have that same energy as you had with your lover. I know this might sound a little strange and maybe it’s not exactly the same, as you don’t have the same agendas but that level of interest and engagement, in what they’re saying is the same.

You want to hear all those stories and your genuine interest in them is what they recognise in you. This is what encourages them to develop those stories further, digging deeper and reflecting on the more personal aspects of each story with their reasons and emotions, rather than just the cold dry facts. This is why it isn’t an interview but a conversation.

An interview is dry and informative but a conversation is what we have when we have a genuine interest in what is being said, where we listen intently and can ask an engaging question that entices more from them. Yes, you’re enamored with what they have to say and they know it! Just like when you stared across the table, into that special person’s eyes, hanging on their every word.

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