Interviewing and Story Telling with Ira Glass and Richard Fidler

by Ian

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What we can learn from the professionals.

I was listening to this episode of Richard Fidler’s wonderful Conversations, interview programme on the ABC and thinking how much of it is relevant to what we’re doing with Life Stories.

Ira Glass (Stuart Mullenberg)

From Richard’s recent trip to the US we have this interview with Ira Glass, host of the hugely popular This American Life, who will be touring Australia in January 2012.

I’ve followed TAL for years and additionally listened to some of Ira’s lectures about how to produce great content. Yes, I use his techniques here to help produce Create Your Life Story, after all we all have to learn from someone.

The same lessons for us

In this interview with Richard, Ira explains his approach to many of the same issues we have with our Life Story projects. Topics from as simple as how to find something interesting to discuss, to how to be aware of the potential harm of recording and publishing a story of someone.

This interview should be compulsory listening for anyone interested in all manner of storytelling, from simply writing in your own personal journal, through interviewing for radio or podcasts, to production of a full radio documentary.

The Number One take home advice that was reinforced for was, “Speak in your own voice without imitating someone else”.


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