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17/18 September 2011

Help each other with your storyIn the latest podcast episode, Storyboard to See Your Whole Life Story, I mentioned that we’ll be having our first opportunity to get together live, to answer questions and discuss aspects of creating a Life Story.
Too often we just wonder about things and never consider specific topics. This is the reason to get together to discuss the  many burning questions that people have and also talk about things that maybe haven’t been brought up to date.

Questions to topics that I’ll answer.

Live Life Story Show on Ustream

Come to the live Create Your Life Story show

Topics could be:

  • Storytelling
  • Conversation technique
  • Recorders and microphones
  • Recording and ambience
  • Editing
  • Publishing and sharing
or digging deeper into subjects like:
  • Privacy
  • Emotional impact
  • Delicate topics
  • Time capsuling a Life Story
Think of the specific questions or queries that interest you and send them through, I’ll answer them live on the Ustream telecast that is planned for the week-end of the 17/18 September.
There will be also an opportunity for you to interact live, on the day via the Ustream chat window.
Timing to suit as many people around the world as possible on Saturday 17th will mean an early start of 7:00am on Sunday morning 18th in AustraliaCheck your local time! (Sorry Oz, it’s just the way it has to be).

This is a 100% free event!

Send an email with your thoughts and mention the things that interest you.
  • A question
  • Disagreement
  • Fear or concern
  • Confusion
  • What this means to you
  • Make a point
  • Or just wonder out loud some of your musings
I hope you’re able to make it to this live event but even if you can’t the questions you ask will still be answered to help you and the community.

Instead of email you can contact me using the methods in the contacts tab or leave a comment below.

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