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Sum Up Your Life in Six Words

A Life Story has a theme… All good stories do. Think of someone, anyone and think of the theme that sums them up. The Dalai Lama, Marilyn Monroe, Neil Armstrong, just a few famous people that you would probably have a general thematic opinion of, that you feel is their essence.

What is that theme? – That essence, for you?

It may be difficult to sum it up but try to explain it in just six words, to get to the very essence of who you are. This is another way of finding ways to discover who you are, to guide you to the stories of your life.

I recently found an article about some students at a U.S. school who were asked to tell their Life Story in six words. These six words can never explain all the complexity of a life but it can show the essence or theme of what a longer Life Story would be about.

According to literary legend, Ernest Hemingway, once wrote, “For sale: Baby shoes, never worn.” – What is said with those few words? And what more of the story would we like to know?

My Life Story in Six Words

What's the Story Behind the Words

The students wrote the following:

  • “I ride life like a rollercoaster.”
  • “My son. Heart murmur. He’s OK?”
  • “My world is turned upside down.”
  • “I wish things could be better.”
  • “I really am what I seem.”
  • “Love is what makes me happy.”
  • “At last. I am finally finished.”
  • “Times tells all. Patience is needed.”
  • “I make the best of life.”
  • “In streets lost, found light (her).
  • “Trust no one but my shadow.”
  • “I love my family. Happy times.”
  • “What more can I ask for?”
  • “Wanted to play football. Not eligible.”
  • “My life is an endless story.”
  • “I love my mom and dad.”
  • “It’s a small world after all.”
  • “Raised in the streets of Selma.”
  • “I have hope in my life.”
  • “I really struggled. I finally succeeded.”
  • “Seventeen years. I’ve learned a lot.”
  • “I live a very crazy life.”
  • “My mom is my best friend.”
  • “For the most part, it’s OK.”
  • “Skate hard, but sometimes I fall.”
  • “I wish school was never invented.”
  • “I live life to the fullest.”
  • “I have a really great life.”
  • “I help my dad every day.”
  • “I’m very respectful nowadays. Not before!”
  • “I love my family to death.”
  • “Hustle to live every single day.”

…and for me “Wandering then found, love to chat”

To help you see the very essence of your Life Story or that of who you wish to record, how would you sum it up in just six words? Sit with it and mull it over and see what comes up, it might surprise you and give you some insight into many themes to follow in the stories and questions of this Life Story.

What is your six word Life Story? Mention it in the comments below↓

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