The power of silence.

by Ian

in Conversation

Have you ever stopped what you’re doing and waited in silence?

We all have those busy lives of things to do, things to say and things to think, never stopping, always onto the next thing almost before we’ve finished the last. No pause, no relief and no silence. Sometimes we even forget what true silence is like.

power of silence

Just waiting in silence

In meditation people look to silence the mind, to create a space in which other things can come about. Peace, inspiration maybe even understanding, all created from the void that is the silence of the mind.

Sure there are times where in order to come to some understand there needs to be a process that’s worked through. Like building a house – Gathering information, designing, building and working to bring it all together to create something new but there are also times when all the work is done and there needs to be a Pause, to allow the paint to dry or garden to grow, to allow for time to pass and something else to evolve that isn’t necessarily understood.

Sometimes in recording a Life Story we have a similar situation where we could be exploring a life, digging into the minutiae and uncovering new understandings, building on the story stone by stone, filling in the details, then all of a sudden we need to stop. No real reason, we could press on and force something but why not just, Pause.

Silence in a conversation

Sometimes the conversation just stops.

  • Finish a statement and sit in silence, allowing new inspiration to evolve from it
  • Ask a question and wait in silence for as long as it takes for a response

During recording there will be times when a question is asked and there is no immediate response. No need to interrupt the space that is created after the question, just wait, maintain the void and allow as long is necessary for a response. Sometimes the void allows the slow subconscious evolvement of something surprising. Something that needs time to develop in that void of silence and if the space is filled too early it never materialises.

During the conversation there are times when during a statement there is a pause, a moment of reflection, where there is nothing to say or even think. These moments should be allowed to just be. From this reflective pause often comes some of the most insightful comments but only if it’s allowed to be for as long as it takes to manifest. There are even times when after a thoughtful statement, silence can say more than what was said.

There are times in a conversation where like sailing, we need to maintain the rudder and direct where we’re going but there are other times where it’s prudent to just allow the calm air to hold us in silence and enjoy what may come of it.

Just wait in silence

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