How Private do You Want to Keep Your Life Story?

by Ian

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What level of privacy do you want when you share your Life Story?

We’re all different in the level of privacy that we feel is necessary in sharing a life story. Sure we know the recorder is on capturing the conversation and we can censor our comments. Even after that we can edit out some of the content for differing reasons but how should we share this information and what systems should we us to suit our personal privacy needs?

No Place to Hide

What do you want to share? via OneEyedJax on Flickr

I’m interested in your concerns.
What you need regarding privacy when you publish your Life Story?

By publish I mean sharing. It could be in traditional forms or sharing via media such as tape and books or it could be through newer technologies such as CDs, flash drives or publishing online through sharing services such as Facebook or through you own web site, similar to this site.

I’ve created a short survey to ask a few questions and understand any concerns that you may have.

Could you please take the time to fill it out so I can understand what you require and I’ll produce a podcast covering the topic in the near future.

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