Anzac Day Dawn Service 2011

by Ian

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Sometimes we need to appreciate our good fortune

Story of Anzac

In every country town stands a memorial

Anzac Day has always been a very special day for me, funny really. I have no direct connection to the military. None of my direct relatives have ever been involved in a conflict. Two of my father’s older brothers were in WW2 but that is too distant for me to feel an association with and no one in my family were involved in WW1 which I have a particular connection to.

What Anzac Day is for me is simply a day to appreciate how lucky I am, to have been born in a particular country, at a particular time in history, where for a short window in time I haven’t had to deal with being involved in a conflict.

I despise all aspects of war and conflict. It is about nothing other than political power plays, that uses young people as grease for the machinery for people who deserve no respect and as I learn more history I despise it more every year. But I have high regard for people who through dedication or naivety end up in the situations of conflict. I wish they didn’t go. I wish the players of international power games would cease to exist and allow good people to have good lives, to build their lives in harmony in the way that everyone wants and no one ever had to be involved in conflict.

Anzac Day 2011 Brisbane

Dawn Service Anzac Square Brisbane 2011

There is no glory in battle and I’m eternally grateful for having never been involved in it. One day a year I take the time to reflect on my good fortune and remember those who I could so easily have been.

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