The End of a Most Wonderful Year

by Ian

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2010, Basically to sum it up…  Thank-You

I’ve said a few times in a few different places what I’m doing here with Create Your Life Story and Your Story but to sum it up succinctly, it basically comes down to finding my own path in life and not necessarily buying into what is seen as the appropriate one for our western culture.

Working on a life story

Together we're going somewhere

I’ve seen my fair share of despair and heartache, no more than anyone else and certainly not as much as many but I have felt it all the same and I can honestly say that the last four years, since I discovered this online world and started Your Story and particularly this last year, have been my best years in the last twenty.

This time last year I had learnt the basics of podcasting and knew it was time to move to the next level, that lead to Bill’s Story then onto produce something that was worthwhile to others and something, if I did it correctly would be able to eventually generate me some income so that I can continue on this path of producing online content, travelling and talking to some of the incredibly interesting people that I meet. That is not the normal, secure dependable work model that our society says we should have – historically that is. That is all changing and in the next few years, in my opinion it will change profoundly as more people move into variations on this model.

For eight months now I’ve been doing my best to produce, real valuable content, that will help you, Dear Reader, to move on with your Life Story project and slowly, continental drift slowly more and more people have been signing up for the e-Book Recording Life Stories, subscribing to the podcast and coming to this site, as well as checking out Your Story.

I still don’t know if you really want this content and if you do, if there are enough people out there, so that a few will be interested in the additional things to help them and return me some financial return… But that is for the future.

To date I’ve had a wonderful time with Create Your Life Story. I don’t know fully where it’s going. I have some plans for it as I mentioned above but they can all change in a moment but for now I feel that what we are doing here has some great social value that at least a few families will always be grateful for.

I have plans for 2011 and I hope you continue to share Create Your Life Story with others and participate in what we’re creating here but I would just like to say thank-you, yes You, reading this now.

Just seeing in the statistics that you have been here heartens and helps motivate me. Thank-you if you’ve sent me an email or posted a comment and thank-you for listening to the podcast. I appreciate it more than you will ever realise.

I look forward to the evolution of Create Your Life Story and Your Story in the new year and I’m courious to see what happens.


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