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Getting ready for  #QLDfloods

Just to bring you up to speed if you haven’t seen the news reports or you don’t follow my twitter or facebook feeds. Brisbane where I live has been hit by the once every 40 year flood cycle, the last was in 1974.

We have had an exceptionally wet summer and as is the case when the conditions are right it can result in the Brisbane River flooding. I’ll go into more detail on excatly what my experience has been like in a future post and podcast episode but for now I just want to mention that all is good for me – actually much better than I ever expected.

Ian Kath ready for the water that never came

Ian prepared and ready for the water that never came

I live in a low lying flood prone area of West End in Brisbane and I was certain that I was going to be flooded, it was only a matter or how much. Ankle deep or to the ceiling, no one was certain and with multiple confusing predictions of what may happen I chose the worst case senerio to be safe and stripped everything out of my unit.

An exhausting few day fueled by adrenalian and not much else.

It’s almost an anti-climax.

The flood waters came to my neighbouring properity which was about half a metre below my floor – I dodged a bullet.

Now the clean-up begins. I’ll be helping friends and neighbours clean up then I’ll need to sort out my life. I’m currently staying with friends with my belongings scattered over three places. I don’t know where anything is at the moment. It was all quickly thrown into boxes, bins and bags, with no packing just hurring to get it out so I’m totally disorginised.

I’m going to take the advantage, that now that my unit is bare I’ll spend a couple of weeks cleaning and refreshing it as it was starting to get a little tired. This will mean that I’m going to be busy doing things other than the podcast which takes a considerable amount of my time to produce. I hope you understand.

I’ll attempt to keep you in the loop as best I can for the moment but it’s going to be a busy few weeks until I’m settled again but at least not as frantic as the last few days.

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