Have your Life Story recorded today.

Your voice talking to future generations

Come with me for a moment, in your imagination…

      • Imagine scratching around one day to finding a book. Maybe a journal written by that now departed ‘special’ person, from your life. Cool eh?
      • Now imagine, additionally finding an album of photos you’ve never seen before. Wow, now that would make an impression!
      • Imagine if you found an old 78 rpm record, with their voice speaking to you from the past.

…how would you feel?

A biography is not a book – It’s a story

Most people think of a biography as a book but literacy is only a few centuries old. We’ve been sharing spoken stories around campfires and family meals for all of human history and telling those stories is what we do best when it’s one on one.

Why not share your life, by simply telling stories in conversation with someone who knows how to help you express all the things that you’ve wanted to say.
Or maybe you know someone who you would like to hear the stories of, while they’re still clear in their memory but you need some help to capture these memories.

There are many reasons to record a Life Story

      • Questions that need answers
      • Interesting experiences
      • War stories
      • Changes in popular, business, industrial, technology or societal culture
      • Family history
      • Understand issues
      • Expression of affection
      • Leave a legacy
      • Share wisdom to younger generations
      • Repair errors and mistakes
Everyone has experiences and learnt lessons to help future generations. Why not share those stories to help others learn from your experiences?
Or maybe you’ve always wanted to ask those questions, to understand some things from their past and how it all played out.

Voice – The emotion behind the words.

Too often people think a Life Story is just about the information but what about the emotions. A book of written text can hold the information but how do you express the emotions held in a pause, a stammer or a change in tone that is only noticed in audio. And speaking is what we’ve always done and far more natural and easier than writing.

When we hear stories, all the emotions are shared in the quality of the voice that can never be shared in cold dry text. Then if required, after the recording is completed, it can be transcribed and edited into text, additional to the full richness of the audio.

Wow, you have a craft my friend.  I haven’t ever been able to articulate every detail in the way you’ve facilitated. Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I finally listened to it last night, absolutely fantastic. My greatest thanks, – Craig Hiron. Your Story Ep 63.

A skilled professional

Years of honing the conversational skills and a massive general knowledge needed to engage someone in a conversation has enabled Ian Kath to help people feel comfortable to open up and share the wonderful stories of their life. Ian has in recent years developed a talent for audio production to create Your Story as an online chat show, showcasing the interesting, everyday stories of people around the world.

In recent years Ian has taught people from the wealth of his knowledge, the value of personal Life Stories via this site here at Create Your Life Story. He brings this knowledge to help you with your own personal Life Story.

The skills needed to sit in conversation to record your Life Story

      • Understand the dynamic of an enquiring Life Story conversation
      • Sensitivity to know when to dig deeper or to leave a topic alone
      • Skilled with digital technology using audio recorders, microphones and software
      • Talented audio editor to remove the problems and bring out the best in anyone
      • Creative in assembling all the components to become an engaging listening experience
      • Construct a low maintainance free website that will last forever

I feel an immense sense of relief to have captured Dad’s story before it was too late… I also wonder at the impact this project will have on my family and the chain of events this may start. So many possibilities. So very exciting. – Jane Doody. Read her full story here.

Your Life Story is ready to be recorded now!

Due to the time constraints, within any year there are only a few opportunities to have your Life Story recorded by Ian Kath. Your personal Life Story or that of someone you know is waiting to be told but it won’t last forever. It’s time to tell your story and share it those who care.

Contact Ian Kath to discover how easy it is to share your stories, have them recorded by a professional, edited into something that is engaging and others want to listen to for all time, sharing your stories with future generations.

Contact Ian Kath today…

Available in SouthEast Queensland on 0412 074096
Or via email on Ian@CreateYourLifeStory.com

You did good… Real good! – Bill Kath

 You only take one thing with you when you go – Your Experiences!
Why not leave some behind for others to enjoy.

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