Episode 32 : 5 Simple Steps to Starting Your Life Story Project – Today

by Ian

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Get started today on your Life Story or “How to avoid the overwhelm.”

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Welcome to the overwhelm. ……via Matt Madden on Flickr

Don’t look at this web site!

Looking at Create Your Life Story for many people, with the amount of information that is now available, can be intimidating. Do you sometimes say to yourself…

  • Where do I start for my own life story?
  • Do I have to know everything before I start?
  • Is all this equipment needed to produce content?
  • I just don’t understand everything!
  • How can I make this easier?

…welcome to the overwhelm.

With any new skill, task or learning it’s all too easy to be overwhelmed by the enormity of what is needed in order to achieve your goals, especially if you compare yourself with others and look at everything that is necessary to achieve all the possible results as one giant pool of information.
The answer is don’t!

  • Don’t compare
  • Don’t know the end result
  • Don’t expect perfect
  • Don’t have all the answers

Just gain what you need to know to move to the next thing, to achieve whatever it is. One step at a time, while maintaining the overall goal of creating your Life Story. This episode 32 of Create Your Life Story is all about starting today with the minimum information that you need to start producing the first results.

Five easy steps to follow:


One Step at a time……via .eti on Flickr

  1. Download the e-Book
  2. Look over some content
  3. Listen to some podcasts
  4. Think of prompts
  5. Record today

* Detail list of steps in the “Action” below

Once you have been through the above list and done each of these items, work your way through some additional content that interests you from here on Create Your Life Story for the next part of your Life Story project.

Don’t run ahead with these steps, just do them in order to get you started, there is plenty more information here on Create Your Life Story to help you understand the subtleties of what needs to be done which you can look and listen to once you get started. Just do these few things and you will have achieved some success which you can build on.

The process of creating a Life Story project

What to do and not to do to keep you on track:

  • Don’t learn everything there is to learn – Skim over the content and only dig into what you need to know now for the next task.
  • Look to learn what is needed for you to achieve only the next task.
  • All the information is here at Create Your Life Story for you to come back to and reference so you don’t need to learn it.
  • Listen to other great audio Life Story biographies and storytelling to stay inspired
  • If you’re frustrated walk away and return later – Consolidate your learning and memories while resting
  • Know that it takes time but persevere

Helping you feel the accomplishment so you’re inspired to continue:

  • You’re learning – don’t expect perfection
  • Any content is better than no content at all
  • Family in particular will love anything that is produced
  • If it breaks put it down and return later – It’ll always turn out better later
  • Listen back some time later to what you produce and hear it with fresh ears (like your family will hear it)


  1. Download the e-book Recording Life Stories – there is a sign up form in the side bar to the right →
  2. Look over the content on Create Your Life Story and listen Ep 4 : What do you Want to Achieve with an Audio Life Story?
  3. Listen to Ep 5 : Audio Recorders – What You Need to Record a Life Story about recorders in general and Episode 24 : Zoom H1 a Perfect Personal Life Story Recorder. Please consider purchasing a Zoom H1 recorder for only $100
  4. Think of just three topics to talk of or ask questions about. Look at Ep 7 : What to talk about – Prompts
  5. Record yourself today using whatever you have available. Computer, mobile phone, cassette player/recorder anything. Perhaps listen to Ep 12 : Recording Technique. Remember, this is just practice 🙂

Do you feel inspired? Has this helped to remove the overwhelm? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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