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by Ian

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It Started with Bill’s Life Story

I’ve mentioned previously that I have a great deal of respect for the elders of our community,  the knowledge that they carry with them from their life experiences and what we can learn from them.

In my life I have had several role models for various stages of my life. When it comes to quality of character, compassion for others and a sense of the joy of life, I know of no stronger role models for me than my Fathers Brother, my Uncle Bill.

Bill Kath

When I started Your Story in 2007 I identified the people in my world who I would like to have on the show, who I thought would have something interesting to say.  As I developed the audio recording skills I thought that the one person in my family I should record is Bill.  Although I felt that he was not suitable for the the podcast, I immediately thought Bill’s story was something of interest for my greater family as he is the oldest survivor of his generation.  After the usual procrastination as I busied myself with the day to day routine of starting and developing Your Story I realised that if I didn’t act soon I might just miss my chance for all the reasons that I’ve mentioned previously.

I bit the bullet and made the time and effort to drive the six hours to spend 5 splendid days with my Uncle and Aunt.  The days were filled with the routine that someone in their late 80’s has.  Everything happened at a leisurely pace, revolving around meals and cups of tea with scones.  We always made time for an afternoon nap and stayed up late commenting on the skills of the athletes in the winter Olympics.  Many long pleasurable conversations along with a poke around the sentimental brick a brack of nine decades of life filled our days.

We drove out to the machinery club for a look at all the old machinery that is Bill’s life and had a ball spending time together.  We even managed to spend some time doing what I went there to do, record his life story, in conversation with me.  Asking on behalf of my family all the questions that we wanted to know.  Questions that you can ask of anyone in your family.

  • What was it like in ___?
  • Who did ___?
  • Did ___ ever do ___ ?

Bill's Site

You understand the questions don’t you? These are the same questions that we all would like to ask certain members of our family past and present, you just fill in the gaps to suit yourself as I did with Bill.

I returned home then set about editing, mixing and uploading his story on his own site for the family and the world to hear.  A story about someone like your uncle, brother or father.  As story about another everyday amazing life that we all share.  Especially enlightening and poignant for my family but also a personal perspective on history of a time in world events.

  • Would your family like to have a Life Story about you?
  • Who could you record a Life Story about?
  • Who have you suddenly realised should be recorded

The impact that this has had on my family is still being realised but I have had comments of gratitude from others that these stories, our heritage, will be cherished for generations.

If you’re interested in Bill’s story here is a sample of audio along with the site for him.

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