An Autobiography – What a Great Idea.

by Ian

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I was talking to my mother the other day. I had just phoned to wish her a happy birthday and catching up when she mentioned the computer course that she is doing with a class of similarly aged people.

My Mother realises the advantage of recording a Life Story

I had not mentioned to her what I had been doing here with Create Your Life Story although she does know of Your Story.  Then she mentioned that she said to the computer group,

“You know when we go all our knowledge and experiences go with us. We should write down our memories so our grandchildren will know about our lives.  We should write our biographies!”

I then told her what if instead of just writing she could record her voice telling the stories and all that she needs is in her computer now to get underway.  I then told her about this site and that it is to help people to record, edit and publish other people or their own life story, just like she mentioned and what we were discussing.

With enthusiasm Mum then mentioned all the things that we have been talking about here on the site and on the podcast about how she is now the last, the keeper of her family knowledge and it’s a shame that her older brothers are gone and her sister has dementia and can no longer remember their heritage.  I heard over the phone the light go on in Mum’s head as she thought that she owes it to her family past and future to record what she knows.  It may not be the full story but at least it’s what she has and it’s better than loosing that knowledge also.

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