Choice – Decisions that Lead to Life Changing Events

by Ian

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Could those choices you made be the the start of the greatest moments in your life?

[flattr /] When we think back over our life, to those momentous times and greatest events, I wonder if there is a pattern of decisions we make that can help us with our storytelling.

Think back over the major achievements of your life, the ones that you’re most proud of, the ones that you were truly passionate about.  Now think of the moment that is pivotal, where you had an epiphany and made a decision, that very decision that took you on the path to the passionate events that you’re now remembering.  If that decision wasn’t made you wouldn’t have had the sequence of events that you have in mind.  Remember the moment of that decision, where it felt correct to do whatever the decision was.  In hindsight you now realise that it was that decision, that very decision, that is the reason for all the following events to unfold.  Without that single decision, life would have been very different.

What was that decision?

Chances are it’s not a big or well thought through moment.  It’s probably noting something being said or seen.  Maybe a reason to write something or turn around what you were doing.

Choosing the story start

The choice is the start of a great story

In my life I can identify several simple but hugely significantly moments.

  • Making a phone call to start skydiving
  • Writing Patternmaker on a list of possible interesting work positions
  • Thinking I too can build a house
  • Realising that I want to be a podcaster

In each of the events outlined, there was a period of circumstances leading up to the event but there is a definite moment, which I remember clearly, where I realise (now in hindsight), that this is the pivotal moment that lead to each of these longer term activities.  Each time I made these decisions a series of events unfolded that I could talk about with clarity and conviction for hours.  Rich in purpose and storytelling potential.

At these times in my life, each of these events were paramount to me, they were my passions and as we know when it comes to storytelling, it’s the passions that are the engine room behind a great story.

What are the decisions in your life that has lead you to the events that you could speak of fluently for hours?  What are the decisions that lead to your halcyon years?

When you identify those almost insignificant but momentous decisions, you have found the starting point for one the many of your greatest Life Stories.

Share with us in the comments below some of your pivotal moments that you remember with clarity.

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