A Christmas Gift of Your Story

by Ian

in Motivation

What gift are you giving for Christmas this year?

It’s normal at this time of year to exchange gifts, sometimes wonderful thoughtful gifts, sometimes just another pair of socks. Gift giving is something we do but what about considering a gift that may be a little different to the normal ones we hand out each year.

Have you considered giving a gift of someone’s Life Story?

Christmas Conversation

A Christmas Gift - A Life Story. … from Flickr

When you gather with your family this Christmas, in amongst the hubbub of handing out gifts and kids tearing wrapping paper off the new latest toy, mention to that special person who you would love to hear all those stories from if they would sit with you in the New Year and allow you to record their Life Story. Your gift to them will be to sit and ask all those things that you’ve always wanted to ask, to sit in conversation and explore their life and record those conversations for others to listen to later. Just imagine what a gift like that would be like.

What are you saying with the simple act of a Life Story as a Christmas gift is…

  • You’re important to me
  • I care about your life and how you lived it
  • You have things to teach me
  • You help me to know myself better through your experiences
  • We share many things and our lives are interwoven
  • Help me to understand your life and what it’s been like

All these points show an interest in their life and what you’ll get from recording their Life Story but more importantly it’s an expression of love and caring that is relevant particularly at this time of year when we have a chance to reflect on the year and the more important things in life, the people around us.

Consider giving them their Life Story, and the pair of socks anyway.

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