Episode 23 : Cooking Up Your Life Story

by Ian

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What is the Basic Recipe for a Life Story

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If you’ve ever watched one of those celebrity chef cooking style shows, the number one thing that is noticed is the individual styles that they have. Whether it is Jamie Oliver, Stephanie Alexander or Gordon Ramsay they all have their particular personal style that is who they are. It’s this personality that we resonate with. You also need to embrace who you are, not to imitate anyone else but just let your personalities shine through, after all that is what people who care for you will be coming to hear – the real you.

Which Chef is Your Style

Choose Your Style of cooking Your Story

Like all things in life you can choose the ways of doing something to suit your personality from thoughtful and exacting, to spontaneous and carefree, it’s entirely up to you. It’s your style, your personality and your choosing in how you do whatever you want including approaching a Life Story project.

The problem however is, you may be so spontaneous that you don’t get the basic skills that you need to complete the task. That is something that Jamie Oliver is all about, giving people the skills and belief in themselves to start cooking, even if it’s at a very basic level. Or you may be so concerned to create a perfect Life Story that you study diligently perfecting your skills to the exacting standards of Stephanie Alexander but continue to only work the issues and obsess until you get bogged down on details without every getting under way. Then you become overwhelmed with information in order to achieved your unreasonably high standard.

What style of Life Story do you want?

Here on Create Your Life Story you have all the knowledge available to go as deep into a subject as you wish and if you feel the need to go further into a specific topic there is always google and the Internet to take you as deep down the rabbit hole as you can go.

Alternative Life Story Recipies

Many different ways to make Your Life Story

A life story can be as simple as raw audio that has been thoughtfully recorded at a decent standard so the listener can relax and enjoy the stories being told or the audio can be edited, mixed and developed into a radio documentary style production or even blended with accompanying still images and movie footage to create a multimedia life story with an accompanying web site and digital DVD’s to share with family and friends.

The choice is entirely up to you, how much effort and time you want to put in, if you’re prepared to learn and develop the skills and the standard of production that you feel this Life Story deserves. Whichever style you plan on choosing the most importantly thing is the belief that you can achieve this end goal of creating a Life Story.

Too much information can lead to overwhelm.

Often the problem is when someone looks at the overall, entire project and see all the possible combinations that are available to them using equipment, methods and technology with each aspect of recording, editing and then publishing they can become overwhelmed with all this new information.

Don’t look at the big picture, keep it simple and all will be good.

KISS – (Keep It Simple Stupid)

Like many others you can achieve this project of creating a Life Story, all you have to do is follow the recipe of your choosing and make it in your style. And there is really only one recipe for the basic version, which is at the core of  producing a Life Story. The rest are additional ingredients and methods that embellish but take nothing away from the story.

Simple Ingredients

Keep it simple

The basic Life Story recipe is:


  • Record
  • Copy and Share


  1. Sit down and record audio of the life stories in conversation with someone else or by yourself.
  2. Copy audio onto systems to share with others.
  3. Share.

—That’s it! No more!

Too often we get hung up on all the details of producing something and forget the basics. These are the basics of what you need to do to record a Life Story, the rest is additional and sure, the details can be important for a bigger experience but the danger of the details is, they never end and if that causes immobility, it’s a bad thing. So rather than looking at the enormity of whole creating a Life Story project just look at the basics that need to be achieved. You can add the rest later once you understand the basics.

The basic Life Story recipe with just a little extra

I know you would like the basic recipe with just that little bit of extra secret sauce that will make the difference in quality and listening pleasure without causing you to be overwhelmed with too much information. Yet again it’s the 80/20 rule where you get 80% of the result for 20% of the effort and it’s only a small amount of effort that will make a huge difference. The basic Life Story Recipe with extras:



  1. Work your way through the list of ingredients using each podcast episode and post as a guide to the method
  2. Use each part in the best way to suit you, remembering all the while the basic recipe is all you absolutely need  and all this additional information is simply to enhance what you already have.
  3. Look through this information cursory or in detail but only utilise what you feel comfortable with in order to not become overwhelmed.
  4. Add additional information as your skills develop

I could write a longer post that goes down to China but the rest of the details are included throughout Create Your Life Story (that is what this site is about), to give you the information to go as deep as you want but the basics are all you absolutely need and all that you should concentrate on, at least initially. If you want to go deeper in a concise easy to understand way just follow this incredibly easy Advanced Life Story recipe:

Elegant Life Story

Make Your Life Story as good as you want



  1. Work your way through the e-book information
  2. Follow the Create Your Life Story podcast and site for additional detailed information

As a way of practicing your storytelling skills particularly if you have an iPhone (or you can upload from your desktop) consider using Audioboo to publish short audio like I have here on my profile.

It’s all here for you to use, just get started and let us know below in the comments how you go with your Life Story.

Record or Write, Your or My Life Story Biography

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