Episode 66 : Digital Journals, Time-travel & Surprises from a Life Story

by Ian

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Your Life Story is far more important than you realise.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been travelling through Europe, spending time with family in Megève in the French Alps where you can see a short video I produced at my other podcast at Your Story.

Berlin Map

A Journey of Memories

This video and the other content that I’m producing as I travel are all part of the 2012 method of journaling a Life Story as it’s lived. I’m taking photos and sharing them on twitter and facebook with my friends while having discussions. All this content will one day be the story of my life, permanently digitally recorded forever. These are the new prompts that are currently developing to remind all of us of our lives in the future.

During my visit to Megève I had the opportunity to talk with people on topics that have recently been brought up in discussion with me via email regarding what’s happening in their Life Story projects.

Travelling through time.

I’ve realised the stories of our lives, shared as oral history from person to person, or recorded as audio as we’re doing here at Create Your Life Story, manage to take us to their distant past. We vicariously time travel, using the stories as vehicles to hear of another time. Often these stories aren’t written down either because they seem too trivial but they still have great value when heard spoken, not only because of the direct information in them but also through interperation of the back ground information that is too often gloss over. We can get a great deal from the tone of voice, pause and extraneous information that is associated with a story. Far more than what we could get from just the raw information.

There will always be surprises.

The surprises that come of producing a Life Story can’t be anticipated. Time and time again I hear of Life Stories that evolve into unexpected unfolding surprises. I mention in this episode a wonderful story of Keri, here it is.

You have a story also.

Sadly people constantly reference to other’s stories as being of value without realising that they too have stories.

Old Photos

Timeline of stories from the past

Too often people take their own story for granted or don’t think they have anything to say but on reflection (and often a little assistance), the stories start flowing, creating wonder for others in their world as they reference to the stories of their life. Everyone has an amazing story, at least to their family but possible also the greater community.

There are stories in all of us that will interest others. Stories that we’ve forgotten that may need a little help or a prompt to remind us. The people in your life also have great stories but may not think so requiring you to take the action to encourage them to open up. This can be done by taking the time to sit and engage in conversations with them, setting the agenda for collecting their stories or asking for help to get the stories of their life.

If you need help to get underway with your Life Story project check out the Quick Start Guide to Your Life Story to help you understand what you need to do to get underway so that you follow through to completion of your project.

Who’s stories have you miss and are you taking your own story for granted? Leave a comment below.

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