Episode 33 : Don’t have an Amazing Life and Not Tell Us!

by Ian

in Motivation, Podcast, Sharing Stories

Don’t you dare take your stories with you!

Don’t you dare, not at least consider the importance of someone’s or your own story before you start procrastinating about creating a Life Story project.

Opportunity Center

Here it is.

Our Life Story is something that we take for granted. Maybe we don’t think that we have anything to say and even if we do, would anyone really care.

  • Sometimes the world cares because we did something amazing
  • Sometimes people care in a specific area of interest
  • Family will always care because it’s their story interwoven with ours

We may or may not have a story that interests the world at large but we all have an amazing story in one way shape or form but it will be lost to the passage of time unless we take the time to consider it and get it recorded in some form.

Audio recording is just having conversations and capturing the stories of those conversations. It’s something we have always done – tell stories. So why are you stuffing around? Why are you procrastinating?

I’ve given you 5 Simple Steps to Starting Your Life Story Project to get you underway but I know that there are people I meet as I’ve mentioned on this podcast episode who just don’t yet get the importance of recording their Life Story.

Don’t be like Vivian Maier and have no idea of the importance of your story and not tell us. We need you to act:


  1. Fill out the Survey on the post How Private do You Want to Keep Your Life Story
  2. Watch the video about Vivian Maier on the previous post
  3. Go and listen to Episode 32 : 5 Simple Steps to Starting Your Life Story Project – Today

Are you serious, or are you just a Tire Kicker? What are you doing? Let us know in the comments below!

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