A Passionate Conversation is Easy

by Ian

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At the start of a Life Story project it’s easy to think “What will I talk about?”

Now we all know that all lives are filled with the big and the small things but the events that matter the most are the ones that we are passionate about.  These are also the events that that you can’t help but talk elequently about.  Everyone will talk well of their passions.

Passionate conversations are engaging.

In all the years that I’ve had of sitting, conversing and recording people for Your Story I’ve realised one thing… Everyone will talk well of things they care about.

To have someone speak with interest, intensity and fluidity there are three criteria. They need to be:  Articulate, Intelligent and Passionate.

With those three things everyone even the quietest, shiest and most unconfident person will open up and start speaking well.

I’m sure you have seen it many times. There in the background of the conversation is someone who almost fades into the wallpaper from lack of engagement.  Sometimes it may be because they are excluded but lets assume for the moment that there has been an attempt to have them participate in the conversation but to no avail.  Then a subject is hit upon and they spark up with interest and passion, express their opinion and reasoning, then fade they away when the subject has passed.  For a brief moment this wall flower has been triggered by the conversation, by a subject they care about.

The same is for everyone.  If you want someone to talk at length or well on a subject, if it is something that they don’t care for, it will be like dragging the provably horse to the water but it won’t drink.  If it’s a subject that they care for, they will talk forever.

Like I said to speak well we only requires three things, Articulate, Intelligence and Passion. Now I’ll give you the ultimate truth it’s not even the first two.  If the speaker has real passion on any subject they will as a matter of course have an Intelligence for the subject matter due to their interest and learnings and if they have Intelligence and Passion they will be able to articulate themselves in ways that will surprise even themselves.

Think of others you know, think of yourself.  How well do you speak on a subject that your passionate about?  So talk of something that has been done, something that is cared about, already known of, because of the passion about the subject.

Then the conversation just flows.

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