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There is help nearby for your Life Story

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Your great idea of recording a Life Story requires one major achievement. You to actually do it! That’s obvious and with all the content available here on Create Your Life Story you can get the knowledge to start and complete a project but you may need more.

Biography Help

Help for your Story                                …via Rainier N. on Flickr

The help for your Life Story project

Depending on what your project is and what you intend to create will determine any help you’ll need.

If the project is about yourself you may be self motivated enough to record your stories, edit them and have them in a final form for everyone without any help or if you’re going to record someone else you may know the topics you want to talk about, feel confident to have a conversation, then move onto the editing and publishing without any outside help.

If this is the case you need read no further however not everyone can do everything and sometimes we need a little assistance.

Maybe you need someone’s help for various reasons.

  • Take on the whole project from preparation to publishing.
  • Record a relative for you, as you’re too close.
  • You know what to talk about but you want a conversational partner.
  • Help with the technology once it’s recorded.
  • Transcribe the audio for use in publishing a book.
  • Edit the audio into something listenable.
  • Edit images with music and stories to create a digital story.

It doesn’t matter if you’re recording your own story or someone else, you may need help with some aspect of the project. Chances are the information to get you started is here on Create Your Life Story but maybe you need someone a little more hands on. By working with someone on this project you don’t have to know or do everything that’s necessary but can concentrate on what you do best and allow someone else to pick up on where you struggle.

The important thing is to get started on your project then move methodically through to completion and having help at strategic points will enable your Life Story project to avoid the stagnating that can bring on despair and possibly missing the opportunities you have. Handballing parts of the project means you’ll keep focused and have someone the help you keep moving forward.

People who can help you

We all live in communities and within yours there are people who can assist you with your project. Depending on your needs you can consider help from various sources.

Biography Help from community

Your community may help you              …via betsyweber on Flickr

  • Family members
  • Local community
  • Friends
  • Students
  • Professional

Family members

Anyone in your family could be suitable to assist but the advantage of having someone at least one circle of influence away from you, like a niece/nephew, grandchild or other relative will helps to make sure that shared knowledge isn’t taken for granted and all the interesting topics are covered. Also the issues that families have tend to be lessened once you’re a little more distant.
Possibly a combination of close and more distant relatives could bring an interesting comparison of topics from the intimate to the more general and may be well worth considering.

Local community

WIthin the local community you may know people who have the skills to sit in conversation or deal with the more technical aspects of a Life Story. These people could be part of your network or within groups like History and Oral History Associations. If you have a story associated with a particular activity, maybe there are people within that organisation who would be able to assist you.


Within your circle of friends maybe there is someone who has the conversational or technical skills to be able to assist you.


If you have access to a college or university you may be able to find assistance from students who need topics for their studies.
Many students of journalism, film making and history need people to interview as well as those studying the more technical aspects of video and audio production.


Assistance from a professional enables you to have a one stop shop in getting your project completed. Within every community there will be someone who can assist you for a fee with the end result suiting your budget and requirements. From a fully produced documentary, to ghost writing your biography, there are people who can help. Or maybe you just need someone for an aspect of the project. Maybe someone just to sit with you to engage in the conversation or possible someone to edit the audio into something that’s more interesting.

With the new era of digital internet based technologies it may even be possible to consider a professional who is not in you local for some aspects of what you require. Transcription, editing, writing, video & audio production is all able to be transferred over the internet to whoever can assist you.

Cost of a Life Story

What you spend on a Life Story is entirely up to you but before you start to consider what you may invest in capturing and producing it consider a few things.

Life Story Cost

Just ask for help                                   …Dimitri N. on Flickr

What is a Life Story worth?

The amount of effort, meaning the amount of skill and time that goes into a Life Story will vary depending on all the different aspects of the person, the information, how it’s to be recorded and assembled and how it’s to be published but that’s not what I’m talking about.

What are all those experiences of a life that has been experienced worth. You spend hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions having experiences. You would spend it all again if you could I’m sure. You’ve earnt, shared, purchased and given away many times more than anything you would consider spending on this project.

Consider this…

What if you discovered your Grandsomeone’s Life Story?

Imagine the local library contacted you to say they had discovered, in storage your distant relative’s Life Story including audio recorded before they passed. How would you feel?

But storage fees need to be paid in order for you to access it and if you don’t they need to dispose of it to create space in the archives. How much would you pay to recover that Life Story?

I’m not asking what you think is fair storage fees but how important is it to you to recover this Life Story to prevent it being lost forever?

This Life Story is about to be destroyed

The truth is your Life Story is about to be trashed unless you act and cost is part of the equation. If you’re hesitant to spend any money realise that like my analogy above, the librarians are about to dispose of your Life Story and it could be at any time.


  • What aspects of a Life Story do you need help with?
  • Who do you know who could help you?
  • What organisations could help you?
  • Are there any professionals available to help?
  • What is a price you’d be willing to pay for professional help?
  • How important is this Life Story?


Do you need help with your Life Story? Comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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Thanks Kevin and your comment about the Library analogy being priceless is exactly that. For most people it’s hard to put a price on a Life Story.

Kevin Farkas

Once again, Ian, you created a terrifically inspirational and useful podcast. I shared this post with my folks on TheSocialVoiceProject’s site. Your “library” example is priceless!

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