Episode 22 : How Do Others Perceive Your Story

by Ian

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Your life means something to me, can I record you?

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The way we perceive ourselves and others has a huge affect on what can come from producing a Life Story. It will be reflected in everything from the initial approach through the recording and the questions asked, eventuating in the way in which the completed project is shared to others. By definition we only know our own life, what others think of us and what others feel we think of them are based on the communications that we have had over the time that we have known each other.

Views on Your Life Story

How do other see us?

The fact that we want to record someone says a great deal of what we think of them. No longer are we just taking them for granted but by asking, “Can I record your Life Story?”,  what we are saying is that their life means something to us. They are significant, important, special and we care enough to sit and listen while we record them.

  • How do you perceive the person you want to record?
  • What do you want to know about and why? – Have you told them? – Can you tell them?
  • What do others say about them and their interests?
  • What are they quietly proud or ashamed of? – How much do you care?
  • What are the things that impress & annoy you most about them?

We all take each other for granted

If you’re a parent you know the feeling. You work hard – strive, kick and struggle at a career to provide for you family. Cooking, cleaning and doing all you can so the kids get a great education. Spend hours, days, even years helping them to achieve what they want to do with their childhood activities. Taking great pains to help them through the difficulties of learning to become adults until they are on their way. Then they’re off with a, “Can I have some money or the keys to the car”, never looking back to see how we are.

What about our parents, do we do the same and take them for granted? Have we taken the time to say to them what they mean to us? We care about our parents and we know at some level that our children care about us but do we activily communicate this to each other?

If we don’t have this understanding of what others think of us, how do we feel? How do they feel? What we’re left with is our own concept of what is significant, from our own perspective, based on our life experiences and prejudices but, by definition, not based on theirs.

If you are preparing to record your own Life Story have you considered the real story or do you just think you know it?

  • How do you perceive yourself?
  • Why do you want to share your story?
  • What do people want to hear from you? – Are you sure? – Have you asked?
  • What do people ask of you?
  • Do you shy away from sharing some things? – Maybe some of these are what they are most interested in?
  • Do you have an inflated ego of yourself? – Maybe your real story is not what you may think?
  • How would you know what is you most interesting points and stories?
  • What would you like to remembered for?

It doesn’t matter if this Life Story is about you or someone else, the affects that producing it will be profound on everyone in ways that vary each every individual. We all learn so much about others, about the way they perceive us and about ourselves.

Creating a Life Story can help everyone know what others think and feel about each other in ways that will amaze all as you discover the reasons for so much of their life and why things happened as they did


  • Take the time to mention to them the significance that someone has in your life
  • Mention how you feel about yourself and how that relates to others
  • Share what you would like to give or receive from others
  • Act by doing something that shows in a physical way these significant points

How have you helped others know of the significance of their lives and help them to open up and share it with you? or How have people managed to express what they would like to hear from you.

Please let me know a little about your perceptions of Create Your Life Story by making a comment below, sending and email and explaining your motivations in this quick survey that I mentioned in this episode.

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