How to Record a Life Story

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Here is your Free, Recording Life Stories e-Book.

It’s always the conversations that we remember but recording a Life Story as audio of those conversations is not what people immediately consider for a biography. Written biographies spring to mind first. Even so, we tend to think that recording the information as audio is a great precursor to the written form. That’s because we always think back to conversations. Why not record audio with the intention of publishing it in that format. Then use that recording, if you choose, as a starting point to a written biography.

This e-book is the first of a series of information items that I want to share with you. To the side is a form for you to get your own copy of Recording Life Stories free of charge.  This e-book will give you an understanding of how to record, edit and publish an audio life story of someone. Then share with whoever you choose from close family to the greater world using the internet or older systems of sharing.

I hope this e-Book will inspire and help you to get started.  Included are sections on:

Recording Your Life Story or Stories

Microphones Section

  1. Benefits of audio – Why it’s natural
  2. Microphones – Types and uses
  3. Portable recorders – You may already own
  4. Recording yourself – Tips and tricks
  5. Conversations with others – Making it natural
  6. Prompts – Keeping the conversation on track
  7. Editing – Styles to suit you
  8. Digital distribution – Share with others
  9. Other distribution systems – Older systems
  10. Archiving – So it remains forever
  11. Getting started – What to do first

I  had a great deal of fun writing this e-book and look forward to bringing you a lot more information in the form of podcasts, videos and text posts. Soon I’ll release a follow-up book where I will go into more detail about everything you need to produce your own audio Life Story.

I love hearing from you. Please let me know what you think of the Recording Life Stories either by Email or check out the contacts page for other means of getting me.

May I please ask you to take a couple of minutes to answer a few questions before reading  Recording Life Stories on this survey.

Once you’ve finished reading Recording Life Stories I would appreciate some feedback on a few questions on this second survey. Then I can have some understanding of how closely I meet your expectations and what additional information you would like to help you achieve your goal of producing an oral Life Story

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