How to Tell Your Story – It doesn’t have to be a Book

by Ian · 2 comments

in Design, Motivation, Sharing Stories

Tell your Life Story in any way you choose.

Biographies are normally thought of as being books but that’s wrong. Biographies are stories nothing else and the technology of telling those stories is your decision, maybe a book, maybe something else.

Look at all the digital systems that are now available to you and choose one as the starting point for your Life Story but it doesn’t have to start and end with one system. Once you have the skeleton captured you can flesh it out with others. The easiest is to record audio of the stories of you life, then transcribe it to text to use as a book, then use the audio as description under images or video. Why not use systems like Xtranormal to tell your stories as an animation.

To give you an idea of where we’ve come from and plant a seed in your mind of possibilities watch this TED talk about the technology of Storytelling.

Nothing is new but it’s all evolving… Break out of what you normally think of as a biography and get creative with the digital systems that we have available today or just grab some paint and create art. The possibilities are endless.

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