Episode 1 : Introduction to Create Your Life Story Podcast

by Ian

in Motivation, Podcast

The start of how you can Create Your Life Story.

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This first episode (the first of three as an overall general introduction) is about how I came to starting this podcast and my goals in sharing how to record an audio Life Story as tool for others to use in their lives.

Ian & Bill Kath

Ian & Bill Kath

In 2007 I started Your Story after discovering podcasting and realising that I could also produce a show, I just needed to think of the subject and learn the technology.  Very quickly I realised that I have always loved talking to people and having them explain their life to me.  I wanted to know their story and that lead to Your Story.

Your Story is an online chat show which has enabled me to meet many wonderful people from all walks of life and experiences.  It has managed to leaverage me into communities as I travel and a reason to contact people I admire to have a chat.

This lead me to realising how powerful a tool audio recording is as a mechanism for capturing a longer version of someone’s life as an audio biography.  I applied this to the patriarch of my family to gather the family story that he is the only one left to remember and share with the rest of our family on an accompanying website.

That’s what I want to share with you.

  • Why an audio Life Story is valuable
  • How easy recording, editing and publishing is now
  • How to record someone else
  • How to record yourself
  • Prompts to keep the conversation flowing
  • How to share and archive this knowledge
  • Best practices for privacy or to helping others discover the audio

This is the first episode of three to get this new podcast started giving a brief overview of the who, what, how and why of producing an audio Life Story.


Grab you copy of the free e-Book Recording Life Stories to give you an understanding of the overall approach and many ideas and prompts to recording your own Life Story project. To help understand what you’re after, please remember to fill out the surveys before and after you read the e-Book.

Record or Write, Your or My Life Story Biography

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