Life Isn’t Always as it Seems

by Ian

in Motivation

One of the great things about recording a Life Story is having the chance to mention what really happened.

Your Story is Your Version of Reality

Tell Your Story from Your Perspective

Many times, particular events will have occurred that people will see differently from you. While sitting down to record the many hours that is your Life Story there will be opportunities to clarify why something happened. To explain the background that lead up to a particular significant event, to help others to understand why it happened that way and maybe even repair a few bridges that may have been damaged due to misunderstandings.

Sometimes what we saw as brutal discipline will be revealed as love and what was seen as weakness was actually ultimately real strength.

Despite the opinions it’s not until we ask or have a chance to tell can we clarify how it really was and help others to discover that it’s not as they believe.

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