Sharing the Love of Recording Life Stories

by Ian

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I’m sure you’ve done it.  Started a new project with enthusiasm, worked hard and thinking that it has value but inside you know that you just don’t know, you just can’t be sure if you’re fooling yourself or if this new idea does have value.  At some point there is the realisation that it works or you jump ship for whatever reason.

I’m no where near being sure on any of these points as to how viable this whole Create Your Life Story project is going to be but I’m getting the story out to whoever I meet hoping that it does work.

At present I’m staying with a friend in Bellingen near the central coast of New South Wales working and meeting people of all types and whenever I get the chance I’m sharing what is happening here, what is the importance of Life Stories and what they can do if they are interested.

Sharing the Ideas

What I personally thought (but I’ve never been actually certain of), is that people think the general idea of capturing Life Stories is valid.  The great thing about being here is meeting all these new people and telling them what I’m on about, then judging what they think of the idea.

It’s gratifying that everyone seems to think that recording some one’s Life Story is a good idea.  Well yes that is obvious but it’s more than that.  Everyone then starts talking about their own particular situation, referencing someone in the greater family that they should act on sooner rather than later or lament for not having acted on capturing a biography before it was too late.  Occasionally I come across someone who has a recording, autobiography and on one rare occasion a 78rpm record of a relative.  They are rare but the gratitude for having that record is immediately evident.

I’ll make a generalisation here but it seems that once people are over about 45 there is a shift in their interest in this whole subject.  The younger people often say “Oh, that’s an interesting idea”, then they move on as you can see that their heart isn’t in it but almost universally the people past middle age say “Wow, what a great idea, I wish I had have…”, then we get into a longer conversation.

It’s gratifying to be introducing people to this new unique way of recording Life Stories and motivation them to capture it as a form of biography.  I can see the enthusiasm that they have for the idea, now to take the enthusiasm and help them use it as motivation so they can act and develop it into an actually recording that is available for others to listen to.

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