It’s a Marathon to Success not a Sprint

by Ian

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Never have I thought this was going to be a sprint.

[flattr /] Even though I started Create Your Life Story only four months ago the unofficial journey started three years ago with Your Story and my desire to connect with people and share their stories with the world. From that desire I knew I would have this exciting journey of learning the new skills that I’ve mentioned before and give me the reasons to travel and connect with people that I wouldn’t normal have had the opportunity to meet.

I have several reasons for starting Create Your Life Story

  • Give those who want this information the best content I can produce
  • Create and refine my personal skills
  • Generate an income that enables me to continue Your Story and this site
  • Know that I have helped others to capture a Life Story of meaning to them
  • Give people the confidence that they can also do this
  • Meet a varied group of people around the world
  • Travel and speak to promote this concept of Life Stories

What I wasn’t told was the time that it would take to gain the skill, audience and credibility that would take all of this to the next level (whatever that is?). Fortunately I knew better than to listen to the hype.

Internet marketing spin – not reality.

It’s rare to hear someone who is at the top of the Internet marketing tree admit to the hard work that is necessary in this field. Recently Darren Rowse of ProBlogger published a revealing and honest video on these issues. Issues of honesty that have concerned me for some time.

marketing reality and determination

One step at a time

In the Internet marketing world there is a phenomenon know as the “Echo Chamber”, where the experts are teaching how to have success in a niche by selling to people who want to have success on the Internet. They are not necessarily successful in fields other than talking of the Internet as a niche and selling to those who want to succeed in it. Then others see, by their example, that they are having success and start to develop (copy) products, about marketing on the Internet without actually marketing to people other than those who want to market on the Internet… and around it goes… the Echo Chamber is talking to itself.

We see the same in all fields. People selling products about how to succeed on the share market, network marketing or the latest sunrise industry without actually being in those industries. If they are so good at marketing on the Internet, why are they not in some niche making a fortune and why are they bothering with selling their ‘method’.

A tell tale marketing technique, that is often used is the “I achieved a bazillion dollar pay-day after only two months experience and 5 hours preparation, you can too, I’ll show you how! Just give me the money and away we go…”

This says more about our instant gratification society than anything else. We all want the fix today and we want it now, but that is not how it works. If you look at everyone of these, so called miracle pay-days you will see that there are months and years of experience that they don’t mention, that got them to that place. Their education, upbringing and previous experience all add up to what they needed, to achieve that pay-day.

According to the spin, the ‘method’ that I’m using here with Create Your Life Story will start to return me an income within about two months of starting (that’s passed). But when I dug deeper I realised that all the podcasters and bloggers out there say that, if I do well and work very hard, it will take eight months to a year before I start to get any real traction. Even the gurus will admit that also, if they are pressed.  Even the so called ‘exceptions’ have brought experience, email lists or contacts with them as they move across from another field. This prior experience is what gives them the ability to have the success to claim the outrageous results that they have.

This creates the belief that we can have the success without the work or experience, so people sign up for the product to discover after the allotted time that they haven’t achieved the success that was claimed. They become demoralised that they couldn’t do it and move on.

Shame really, as what the honest marketers are saying is if we continue to follow the business models, learn from others and don’t give up, but realise that it takes time to build experience and gain that traction, we have a very good chance of success.

The surety is in the reality.

I get incredibly tired to these wannabe gurus who, when you scratch below the surface, have limited real world experience. There are exceptions though. There are some who have the credibility to have had a success in a niche, then show the way through their educational products, while continuing to walk the path that started their original success. Darren is one of these and I feel sometimes he would happily walk away from ProBlogger and concentrate on Digital Photography School where it started. These people are the ones who will openly say “Yes, we have the bazillion dollar pay-days, and now we only work a few hours a week but it took us five, ten or twenty years of dedication to get here…”.

This is something that I’ve been thinking and been irritated about for some time as I learn these new skills of podcasting, blogging and media production. I’ve been working away at this for four years and I still learn a huge amount every day. How to sit and record someone in an engaging conversation is the easiest thing that I do, as that is something that I brought to this idea of Life Stories but even that is something I’ve been honing for thirty years.

There are no silver bullets, we can all achieve what we want, if we follow those who share the knowledge with us and we are prepared to put in the work and take the time and energy to learn the skills. Whether it is me in achieving a site/podcast that engages you dear listener or if it is your own personal Life Story project. It’s not a sprint but a marathon but it is only one step at a time.

Either way we will both get there 🙂

Do I have a valid point or is it all right to just talk the talk rather than walking it so long as the content is valid. I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below…

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