It’s not as Scary as You Think

by Ian

in Motivation

The biggest thing that stops creating a Life Story is procrastination.  Waiting until the time is right to get started, then oops, it’s too late for one of the many reasons.

The second greatest issue is fear:

  • Fear of not speaking well
  • Fear of not having anything interesting to say
  • Fear of what others will think
  • Fear of the technology
  • Fear of digging up old ghosts
  • Fear of showing an ego

The thing with fear is that it can be hidden with being busy and procrastination, until again, it’s too late. Then the opportunity is lost.

If as you read these words you have the inkling of this fear in you (even if you barely admit it even to yourself), try this:

Just think “I’m a little scared, that’s okay”.

Now move on and do one thing towards the goal of creating a Life Story.

The error is to think of the whole project, in it’s entirety, completed.  If you are happy seeing the whole project and can use it as motivation that’s fine but if that causes you to feel any type of fear or anxiety just look at the next thing to be done, not the whole project.

Disregard the long term whole project and just consider the next thing to do.  What would that be:

  • Write a list of talking topics
  • Ask for assistance from family or friends
  • Look at what recording equipment you have
  • Look through old photos and imagine talking of those times
  • Sit with someone and tell a story to see what it feels like
  • Listen to someone talk of their time
  • Look around the Internet for ideas, like here

Just look at what is the next thing to do.  Then you will find that it’s easy, just the next single thing, It’s not as scary as you think.

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