Episode 47 : Overcoming the Underwhelm

by Ian

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The excuses driven by underwhelmed motivation

You know that capturing a Life Story in some form is a great idea and maybe even occasionally at 2:30am you have had a little panic attack knowing that you need to get underway, NOW!
…But then the moment passes and, well, you just feel a little underwhelmed again. There’s always time to do it later anyway.

Lacking Motivation

Underwhelmed & Unmotivated …via Benoit Dupont on Flickr

The underwhelm is really just having a lack of motivation to do what you know needs to be done. If you had the motivation you’d be excited and you’d find every opportunity to get the job done and all the excuses would fall by the wayside.

The underwhelm is the motivation, the overwhelm is the excuse.

Welcome to the Overwhelm

The lack of motivation is the crux of the matter but it’s the excuses that drives that lack of motivation and the excuses can be overwhelming giving you a justification to procrastinate.

  • No one really cares
  • I won’t get any return from my efforts
  • I don’t understand the technology
  • I don’t know what to talk about
  • My life doesn’t matter
  • I have too many things to talk about
  • Where do I start?
  • It’s too hard
  • I don’t have anyone to talk to
  • There is still plenty of time
  • There are more important things at the moment
  • I’ve done nothing noteworthy

…And the list goes on.

4 types of excuse

We all make excuses for what we’re not motivated to do. Often it all seems too hard and we feel completely overwhelmed but really there are only four categories that the above list falls into and there are ways to resolve each of them.

You may not have done anything noteworthy to the greater world but your family, above all else will care about your life and what you know. Even the lives of the larger than life individuals are primarily made up of everyday events with just the occasional grand adventure. Everyone has a life time of stories to talk about and the younger generation is always fascinated in those stories.

The technology is now simpler, cheaper and easier to use than at any time in history but if you still find it too challenging, look around your family and community for some assistance. There are also people you know who may also be able to sit in conversation with you to discuss you Life Story. It is always easier to record a Life Story with someone else.

Take a moment to consider why you really want to record this Life Story. I don’t mean all the issues about the importance of capturing it but the actual return that you’re going to receive for all this effort. Things like praise, respect, understanding, immortality, forgiveness, etc. These are the “return on investment”, of your time and energy and if you don’t understand what you need and that it may be some time before you receive it, your motivation will fade.
You may never, Ever, get this return on your effort! Are you happy to know that it may only be appreciated long after you’re gone, much as you would appreciate discovering an old 78rpm record of a long departed relative?

With a lack of motivation there are always going to be more important things and never enough time for a life story project. Then if the desperate panic of motivation does appear because time is finally running out it may be too late to act.

Focus on the negatives of each of these four items and it’s easy to be overwhelm but they are only the excuses for not proceeding and each can be easily overcome. The real issue is the underwhelm and lack of motivation.

Motivating past the Underwhelm

The reality is that unless you know that there is a date at which this Life Story will no longer be possible, it’s easy to delay and not be motivated enough to overcome all the other distractions of life. Your life needs to be attended to today, with the demands of career, education, finance, family, etc. and not wanting to miss the latest episode of your favorite television show. They are all more urgent now, than the Life Story that you can create tomorrow. There must be a motivation beyond all these distractions.

The reality is this Life Story is ending one day,  you’re just delaying acting today.

Take the time to reflect and consider, beyond the normal 21st century motivations of our society. What is truly important to you regarding this Life Story. Yes, this is a mental exercise of imagining…Flying high with your life story

  • the loss
  • the appreciation of capturing the recording
  • the advantages to family and community

Sit with your thoughts and really imagine these aspects of capturing a Life Story. Your motivation will be primarily derived from within yourself rather than from any external rewards. By maintaining your focus on these personal benefits you can move forward to action.

Each journey starts with the first step, then it’s only necessary to keep moving.

Your motivation will come from your desire for a completed Life Story, generated from within you and derived from knowing that this is something that is of the utmost importance to you. That motivation will dissolve any underwhelm and procrastination, starting you on gaining the assistance and knowledge that you need. With the information available here at Create Your Life Story and people in your community you can overcome any issues that come along and share your Life Story with the world.


  1. Contact others for assistance
  2. Generate a list of prompting topics to talk about
  3. Set dates to start recording
  4. Back up and edit audio as soon as it’s recorded
  5. Publish in the style that suits you
  6. Repeat sequence until your Life Story project is completed

What self motivation techniques do you use to succeed? Share with us in the comments below.

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