Life Story Presentation for Seniors

by Ian

in Motivation, Sharing Stories, Storytelling

Introduction to Create Your Life Story at Tamborine Mt U3A.

The University of the Third Age is an international organisation of individual chapters where seniors can share their lifetime of knowledge with each other about anything of their choosing. It’s all about open sharing of skills that helps to keep seniors active and motivated in learning and teaching.

Recently I was fortunate to share with about 25 people at Tamborine Mountain U3A what we are doing here at Create Your Life Story and open up their minds to the exciting world of possibilities of recording their Life Stories.

If you want to listen to Ian’s presentation press play below.

Zoom H1 Great Recorder with Microphone

Zoom H1 Recorder and Giant Squid Lapel Mic

This is my first use of the new Zoom H1 Handy Portable Digital Recorder. I kept the recorder in my pocket and used a lapel mic to pick up me speaking. If you’re are interested in getting one for yourself please use the links on the services page including the links to Giant Squid Audio Lab for the microphone I used.

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