Free Quick Start Mini-Guide to Your Life Story

by Ian

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Find something simple to start today.

The huge amount of content here on Create Your Life Story has created an issue of overwhelm for some people. I know that feeling from personal experience of starting on these projects and I want to help you.

Where do I start?

To help you cut to the chase, I’ve created this Free Quick Start Mini-Guide to Your Life Story. Not everything is here to know, but it’s a quick easy referenced overview to get you started.
More importantly, it’s designed to help you think of something today, to get you underway. Then once you’re started, it’s just a case of choosing another topic to maintaining the momentum.

The quick start mini-guide to Your Life story is…

        1. Designed to give you an overview.
        2. Links to valuable content to learn more.
        3. Layout the basics of recording a Life Story.
        4. Topics to start working on today.

In just a few minutes you’ll have an overview and possibly decide where to start.

Get Your Free Quick Start Mini-Guide

Just click on the above image to have it downloaded to your computer now.

Record Your Life Story

Check out the detailed quick-start guide.

Depending on your browser you may need to…

PC:    Right-click – “Save Target As”
Mac: Control-click select – “Download Linked File”

Here’s another link to download the Quick Start Mini-Guide to Your Life Story.

To go deeper and discover the Single, Simple tip to do today, to start your story, check out the Detailed Quick Start Guide →

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