Episode 2 : Why even Bother with an Audio Life Story?

by Ian

in Motivation, Podcast

The reasons you’ve never thought of to record a Life Story Biography

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These are some of the reasons for using audio as a system for creating a biography in this episode of Create Your Life Story.

Text is traditionally first considered when we think of producing a biography.  More due to the long history of writing of the events of a person’s life but with new technologies there are now profound reasons for using audio to record a Life Story, then publishing that audio as a biography.

Producing biographies have always been popular for many reasons:

  • To show the little things that make people great
  • Someone feels a person is significant
  • Someone thinks they have something interesting to share
  • Family is always interested in the shared heritage
  • Their life reveals a snapshot of history
  • A way of journaling a period in life

All these reasons are valid for producing a text, video or audio biography. However audio has a few advantages:

  • Oral history is the original system to share memories
  • Storytelling is engaging
  • Intimacy in listening becomes a shared experience between speaker and listener
  • Easy to listen to in variety of environments
  • Audio can be a precursor to the written text
  • Easy set-up and use
  • Adds significantly with non-dialogue communications
  • Captures the humanity of conversations
  • Publishing and sharing are easy and convenient
  • It’s a conversation

Recording and publishing audio Life Stories is a new way of thinking of biographies. Text has been available as long as humanity has been able to write.  However recording has only become available to the average person in the last decade with the development of powerful cost-effective recording and editing systems.

Images have been created as long as there has been art, text as long as there’s been writing but audio has relied on technology that has only been available for 120 years. In human history a relatively short time. In this episode I played an old recording to show how recent and poor this technology was and how far it has come in the last few years.

Audio is the most powerful and easily accessible system for producing a biography.  When combined with any of the other systems it helps to create the Life Story of someone, in a way that has only recently become available for everyone to the average person wanting to record a unique life.


As you have someone in mind make a list of the things that you want to say or ask. Place yourself in the role of the listener and speaker then think of what each of them would be interested in. What are the questions and general situations that they would be interested in. Use some of the ideas in the e-Book – Recording Life Stories to help while remembering to fill out the surveys before and after you read the e-Book.

Record or Write, Your or My Life Story Biography

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