Why Record a Life Story?

by Ian

in Motivation

Most of us don’t have interesting lives.

Actually when it comes down to it, even people who have interesting lives have a gazillion tedious little events that when combined may eventually develop into something interesting.  If we were to listen to everything we would realise that the vast majority of their life is much like ours.  This is why we find biographies interesting.  We can relate to the majority of their life.  But for the turn of a few events or decisions we realise how different our lives could be.  If we were more or less, fortunate, wealthy, intelligent, adventurous, courageous or whatever we too could be someone interesting like them.

It tells of the time and means something to family

But that is the difference and that is the similarity for all of us.  We all do things different to everyone else and everyone can relate to the vast majority of our lives, all the little joys, tragedies and mundane events.  It’s the grand experience that engages the greater populace.  If you are a great sportsman, adventurer or leader the larger community may be interested in the big events of your life but what about the rest of us who don’t have that impact on society.

The everyday person has rarely been mentioned in history, ‘they are too normal to bother with’, is the attitude of every generation but would you be interested in knowing the lifestyle of a Scottish Shepard in the eighteenth century?  How hard was it really being a merchant in the Roman Empire.  What about a munitions factory worker during World War 2.  The great leaders are recorded but not these folks and scholars today would love to know some of the facts of societies past but instead have to dig amongst the dirt of rubbish dumps to understand the everyday life of previous generations.  The everyday person has a knowledge of the society that they live in, in a way that the biographers never mention and the sociologists would love to know.

In the distant future archaeologists will dig through the mountains of digital information that we are starting to record, to have an understanding of how we live today but it will be rare to find stories of the recent past from people who lived it.  Few of us think that we have anything worth saying that others would be interested in.

In time generations will be interested in your boring little life.  Especially your memories from the recent past but for the moment realise that there is one group that is interested in your life now.  They are with you, they care about you and they are interested in you now and of your past, they are your family.  Greater society will catch up in time with your story but for now, your family is your motivation so they know of your life and their heritage.

That’s a good enough motivation isn’t it?

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