Recording Your Life Story for all History

by Ian

in Motivation, Video/Film

The everyday stories of human history are being recorded today.

One of the greatest history shows I know of, be it television, radio, text or new media is the extraordinary Dan Carlin’s Hard Core History.

If you want to go deep, not just into the facts but start thinking of some of the other issues of history, this is a show to open your ears and expand your mind in different ways. And so much of it is relevant to what we’re doing here at Create Your Life Story.

Here is a little of what Dan thinks about podcasting but the same applies for you in recording and capturing for all time your life story and the times you’ve lived through.

How will the future historians look at our lives?

I’ve said since the beginning that we’re laying down the everyday stories for the social scientists of the future to pick over and discover how we lived. With that there are benefits and responsibilities.

“What if Alexander the Great had a podcast?”

Or more to the point, what if a few of his lieutenants had recorded their stories of going into battle with him then returning home to live out their lives. What would we know of the everyday lives of ancient Greece?

I often wonder how different our lives would be to theirs, or more to the point, how similar they would be…

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