The Selfish Reason You’re Recording a Life Story

by Ian

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Kick Your Motivation to Record Your Life Story

If I was to ask you why you want to recording a Life Story, what would be your response?
That response is the motivation that helps you to get on with completing a biography but it’s worth taking the time to really consider it and not just take it for granted.

Motivations to create a memoir

Depending on if you’re intending to record yourself or someone else it will be a variation on several of these reasons.

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What are the reasons for your motivations

  • Don’t want to forget experiences
  • Want to remember while I can
  • Keep their memory alive
  • Stories that I’ve never heard
  • I want to ask the questions that I’ve never asked
  • Save the memories for younger generations
  • Allow children to know how different it was
  • Important experiences that need to be saved for history
  • Want the very young or not yet born to know their heritage
  • Righteously justify a position

These are the obvious of the many reasons why people want to record a life story. We have a fascination for the past and the reasons to rescue the stories before they’re lost. The reasons are always about making the world a better place in some way and by missing this information the world will be poorer for it’s passing. Even if it’s just for you or your immediate family.

All are very noble, altruistic and valid reasons for capturing a biography. They’re your motivations. The motivations that you tell yourself and the world but is it the full story?
What is the juice, (dare we say) the selfish reasons, that you want to do a Life Story. Not the reasons that you probably tell the world but the deep quite whispering, in your mind, “Reason” you want to record this Life Story.

If this seems like a strange question to ask and you have no idea what I’m talking of, never mind, stop reading now and move on. You either don’t fit this situation (I doubt it), you’re in denial or you know it and don’t want to go there. Or maybe you’re interested in seeing what selfish personal desire you have, that you can harness to help drive you to achieve the good motivations for creating a Life Story project

Intentions are driving your motivation

Behind every motivation is a selfish intention. Yes you read correctly. You may say that you’re doing this for all the right reasons but the reality is we’re all doing this for selfish reasons. That’s not a bad thing, in actual fact it may well be a very positive reason. Like an expression of deep love for someone and a desire not to loose their memory… but it’s still selfish.

Selfish and self motivating reasons can be positive and negative but normally due to the amount of effort and the thankless rewards, when creating a Life Story, most people are motivated by positive motives. So can we all just agree that yes, we’re selfish but that’s a good thing because we’re doing this for the right reasons – Okay?

Now look at what is the intention that you have for being motivated enough to go to all this effort. Your intention is the pay-off, you personally get for recording a Life Story. It can be many things, some you may not necessarily want to tell others of but you need to be honest, at least with yourself. Some of the many reasons are.

  • Desire not to be forgotten
  • Explain a few points
  • Be seen as a good person
  • Immortality
  • Seen by others to achieve something
  • Wanting praise
  • Duty to your heritage

All these and other reasons are what we personally get for our efforts. These are our rewards that keep us working on our project. Without them we would loose interest and never complete what we’ve started. By keeping our intentions, we can continue and achieve the motivations that we tell everyone is the reason and we’ll have the energy to maintain and complete our Life Story.

What are your selfish intentions? Let us know in the comments below, I’ll bet there are others who feel the same also.

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