Sharing Your Life – Unlike Your Grandparents

by Ian

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Imagine Discovering your Grandparents Life.

[flattr /] Imagine finding a neglected box of old 78 rpm records covered in dust sitting in the attic.  Imagine wiping them off and placing them on a gramophone.  Then as you play those records you hear your grandparents voice speaking to you, across the decades, telling you of their life, their hopes and dreams.

Recorded Life Story

A Lifetime of Stories

Imagine what they would tell you, of what they went through in their life.  How would you feel?

Now imagine how your grandchildren will feel when they finally discover and know of your life.  What would that mean to them?  What would that mean to you?  But only if you record your Life Story, unlike your grandparents, unless you do have those 78 rpm records.

Now you can record your Life Story

Just like your grandparents, you’ve had dreams and experiences, adventures and loves but unlike your grandparents you have an easy way of telling your grandchildren how your life has been.

Sure, they may only seem slightly interested when you get together now, but when you were young, how interested were you in your grandparents story?  How interested are you in your heritage now?  How interested are your grandchildren going to be when they are in your seat?

Create Your Life Story is all about giving you the tools to produce that Life Story.  The free e-book is a great place to start.  Additionally, on this site is free content to help you with what you need to record, edit and publish your Life Story.  Play the podcasts direct from the web site or better still by clicking here to go to iTunes, where you can have them as a permanent resource, freely downloaded to you as each episode is produced.

Maybe even ask one of your grandchildren to have a listen and read about what we are doing here.  They might even be interested to sit with you to help record your Life Story, after all they seem to grasp the technology.  If one of them helps you record or you put in the not too difficult effort yourself, then all of them will know of the things that you know today.  Unlike you and your knowledge of your grandparents who couldn’t share their story.

Now imagine in the future your grandchildren discovering, sitting and listening to your Life Story just like you, discovering those old dusty 78 rpm records.

It’s certainly worth considering isn’t?

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