A single powerful memory brought to life

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Their voice – like a ghost from the past

In 2001 my sister died in a horse riding accident, a terrible tragedy for my family but one of those life events we all have to go through from time to time.

Some days later I called her mobile phone number and heard her saying that she wasn’t available but would get back to me as soon as she could. I knew she never would… But it was poignantly wonderful to hear her talking as if she was still here. Just a 20 second grab of audio but all the memories of our shared life came flooding back.

Who do you wish you could hear from?

Not only are there people you’ve lost and would love to hear but who is still in your life (including yourself) who once they’ve gone would like to be heard?

This is a video of sharing secrets but hang about until the 8:30 minutes and understand the points I’m making.
You may need to have a handkerchief handy.

Are you lucky enough to have recorded or discovered audio of someone who’s now gone from your life?


That’s tough Kevin, real tough.
Sadly if we all live long enough it’s what we’ll see. But as you say, there is something special, oh so very special about hearing their voices, in all the subtle nuances that remind us of who the were/are. This is why we do what we do isn’t?

Kevin Farkas

Thank you for this post, Ian. I unexpectedly lost my 21 year old nephew and mother within the same week in April. During this period of grieving, a heartbreaking silence fills their absence. But when the time comes—and it will—I’m going to cue up the many audio recordings that I made of them over the past year and I’m going to celebrate their stories. As long as I can hear their voices, they’ll be near.

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