Sometimes we have the only ‘One’ Left in the world.

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Are you throwing out history?

You’ve heard the story, haven’t you…?
You know the one. The story of someone going to a garage sale or similar and buying some old painting only to discover it’s a Boldini or whatever that’s eventually sold for €2.1 Million.

Do you have something in your life that could be significant that’s been forgotten? Maybe a stash of old books, bric-à-brac or photographs of a gone by era, that no-one’s ever seen.

Credit to Designer Observer Group for image.

Here, yet again, we see a rescue of photos, never before seen that open a Pandora’s box of knowledge. This time it’s of the end of the Pacific War with the atomic bombing of Hiroshima followed by the observation of that actual damage by the Physical Damage Division of the United States Strategic Bombing Survey.

These photographs, rescued from a curbside trash collection reveal never before seen images of destruction of Hiroshima and the aftermath. If these images hadn’t been rescued we would never know of what we can now see, much as all history had been before photography. Fortunately they were rescued but how many other items are sitting in garages, basements and attics slowly deteriorating, possibly one day to be thrown out and lost for all time.

Read the full investigative article of the discovery of these images and the backtracking of where they came from and the reasons for their existence at The Design Observer Group.

What do you have in your life that you should rescue for histories sake?

Michelle Goodrum

Fascinating story. Thank you for sharing.

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