Episode 3 : Is it too Late to Start an Audio Life Story?

by Ian

in Motivation, Podcast

When is it too late to start a Life Story Project?

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Welcome To Episode Three of Create Your Life Story. The last of three episodes that introduces the ideas and motivations behind this podcast and site.

I asked the question, “Is it too late to start and audio life story?”

Astronomical Clock

The Clock is Ticking

The obvious answer is that when life has ended it is too late to record someone but I explain in this episode that there are profound and subtle events in our lives that reduce or remove the opportunity to record an audio Life Story. These are conditions of old age like stroke, dementia and fragility but also the subtle forgetfulness of living a life and simply forgetting some experiences.

Despite that opportunities pass by, not to be repeated, resulting in the lack of ability to record a Life Story when someone is in their prime there is still the opportunity to record something. Where there is life there is hope and even if only a few words can be recorded they are better than the void if nothing is done.

Is it too late to start an audio life story? One day it will be but maybe not today.


If you are wanting to record someone else’s life, have you contacted them yet? Have you mentioned your reasons and motivations to them? Have you set a date to get started?

If this audio life story is about yourself start listing the subjects that you want to talk about. There is a list of prompts to get you thinking in the e-Book and a lot of other ideas. Please remember to fill out the surveys before and after you read the e-Book.

Record or Write, Your or My Life Story Biography

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